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A Complete Picture

A Scoutr profile is amazingly simple, but allows you as a candidate, to show a much more detailed picture of what you bring to the table. Fill out your profile today and let us do the rest.


It is critical to the Scoutr platform to ensure that every candidate gets equal opportunity for all positions, so we have removed any biased data from our algorithm to ensure that our matches are fair and accurate.

Private Data

Scoutr isn't another Social Media platform, it is designed to be a private place for you to find your next career. Your profile is not publically visible, and you decide when it is visible to active positions on the platform.

Advanced Matching

We eliminate the need to send out endless applications. Build your profile and let Scoutr do the rest. As you score highly for positions on the platform, you'll be presented at the top of an employers list.

Enhanced Visibility

Our correlational skills matching technology widens your job search, exposing you to positions that you may not even know you are qualified for. Not sure what you want to do next? We have you covered.


By eliminating the "apply and wait" process from the equation, We allow you to take a more reasonable approach to job seeking. You are auto-scored against every open position on the platform, and when a company is interested in you, they will invite you for an interview.

Don't take it from us, look what our users have to say about Scoutr.

It really fast-tracked the job search and created a win-win for both me and the employer. It’s a great tool for everyone on all sides of the job search.
The Scoutr team was different. They seemed genuinely interested in finding the right fit between candidate and company. I appreciated the exceptional communication and quick results.
KatherinE MEEKS - Envestnet
I would absolutely recommend Scoutr to anyone who is looking for a job... I couldn’t have been happier with the process or response time. I am truly grateful.
Emilio Vilchez - Lenovo

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Deep Engagement Profiles go beyond the resume and job post, evaluating veterans and companies on four key categories:
"KSA's refers to the Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities in each profile. This includes Education, Certifications, Skillsets, Industries, Tools, and Areas of expertise."

For Candidates, this is your opportunity to describe your education history and skill set. You provide your 10 most impactful skills, tools, and areas of expertise to include in your profile.

"Team Culture refers to the set of expectations team members have for each others' behaviors at work. Cultural alignment between Candidates and their teams are a key part of long term satisfaction with work."

For Candidates, we help you determine the type of team culture you are looking to join, or what you believe you fit in with best. Everyone works best in different types of teams, Scoutr makes sure you match with teams for whom you're the best fit.

"Work Style is similar to “personality” and refers to a your natural tendencies and preferences regarding how you go about completing your work. Matches occur when job responsibilities align with a candidates natural tendencies."

For Candidates, every position on every team is a little bit different. Work Style takes a closer look at the type of position that you are looking for, and how you prefer to get your work done.

"Performance Review is the Scoutr alternative to a reference. It is formatted as a questionnaire, and emailed to candidate selected managers, professors, co-workers, or mentors for them to complete. "

For Candidates, you have the opportunity to provide prospective employers with a 3rd party view into what you bring to the table as a candidate. Performance reviews are highly recommended but not required.


Scoutr isn't another job board, veterans and companies only see each other when they have been matched, and profile's are kept private and not publicly searchable.

Blind Matching

Without the need for job descriptions and resumes, you are auto-scored against every open position on the platform, and when a company is interested in you, they will invite you for an interview.

Correlational Skills Matching

Scoutr recognizes that skills and abilities don't exist in a silo. While most other job matching platforms only give you credit for exact matches, in the Scoutr platform your score will include full credit for exact matches as well as partial credit for similar matches. This technology enhances your visibility to roles you may not have known you were qualified for.

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