Hire Right Every Time

Powered by machine learning, Scoutr uses intuitive matching technology to connect qualified candidates to open positions on your team. No external applications or screenings needed.

Keep Hiring Costs Low

We combine discovery, sourcing, applying, and initial screening into one seamless process. See your hiring costs drop by 58%.

Keeping Hiring Times Short

Scoutr does all the hard work of qualifying the right candidates, reducing your time to hire by 50%.

Increase Employee Retention

Reward your team with candidates who believe in what you stand for and will stick with you through the highest peaks and the lows.

People Are Raving About Scoutr

When recruiting works for both sides, the results can be powerful.

“Scoutr has helped us spend less time on screening and qualifying and more time on training and development because the alignment is there. The platform has had a BIG IMPACT on our ASSESSMENT process due to its HIGHER ACCURACY”

Matt Griffith

Managing Director – MassMutual

“It’s much more in depth and comprehensive. I feel like it paints a more detailed picture of the candidate.”

Chris Crowley

President, Pathways Personnel

“Scoutr has saved us thousands of hours in applicant screening time”

Chad Price

Founder - Mako Medical

“Candidates aren’t a piece of paper. Scoutr seems to understand that personalities, work styles, and attitudes can speak a lot to whether a candidate is a good fit for a particular role / company.”

Jim Clements

VP of Finance – Perfect Keto

“It’s great to have a central location online with a list of all of the candidates and their information, with a one button click to either set up an interview or to pass them by. No more hunting around for emails or resumes, so it’s a time saver for me. All the information I need is in one place.”

Jim Flanigan

ScrumMaster and Agile Coach – Primal Space Systems

“Scoutr allows us to look ‘under the hood’ to get a sense of who the candidates really are. Scoutr reports allow the talent team to present candidates to the hiring manager in a cleaner way which fosters expeditious decision making.”

Erika Edwards

VP, People Operations – Spencer Health Solutions


See How Scoutr Compares to the Tools You Know

See the numbers in action.

Position discovery
Advanced matching
Team culture/work style
SJT assessment
Soft-skill ESQ assessment
Performance review
Post-hire engagement
Dedicated support
Scoutr Features

Hire Better. Stress Less.

With Scoutr, high-tech meets high-touch.

Get more visibility into your candidate

Get actionable data on candidates to engage passive talent and accelerate the hiring process.

Be prepared for interviews

Scoutr automatically scores candidates against every position, so you don’t have to. The platform also identifies candidate strengths and weaknesses, so you can be prepared for your interviews.

Connect with a wider talent pool

By matching you to candidates without bias, you can connect with high-potential candidates who may not have applied for your  position normally, but have the right qualifications.


Frequently Asked Questions

Know us before you join us.

How do I create my company’s Employer profile:

First, create your company’s main page (basic info, contact info, etc.).  Second, create a Team (Sales, Finance, Operations, Technology, etc.).  Third, assign a Manager to that team (could be the Owner, Founder, Director, HR, etc., anyone making decisions regarding hiring and team management).  Fourth/Finally, create the Position page, which is also an advanced Job Posting page that can be shared via a Unique Position URL (job boards, LinkedIN, Indeed, Email campaigns, etc.).

How do I establish which Skills to list as requirements?

You can list 10 Skills in the Scoutr KSA section, and those can be hard and/or soft skills.  For example, you can list communication skills, organization skills, Microsoft Excel, or any technical or subject matter-specific skills.  Scoutr will show you direct matches, as well as correlating and transferable skills matches.  The Scoutr KSA database has thousands of skills, just start typing and the system will identify, then simply click to populate the field.

How do I know which Work Styles to choose?

Each position usually has a unique work style that leads to success in that role.  Follow the Work Style survey and answer those questions as accurately as possible.

What’s the difference between the Scoutr KSA (Knowledge, Skills, Abilities)  section and other Skills Requirements usually found in job postings?

The Scoutr KSA section uses advanced Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning Technology to display direct matches to the specific skills you require, also displaying  applicants with correlating and transferable skills that you may have missed, therefore broadening the view to highlight more qualified applicants, and minimizing the ones that are not a good fit.

How do I know what my Team Culture is?

Follow the Team Culture survey, and answer those questions as accurately as possible about your current team, or the team you’re trying to build.

What about my current database of applicants?  Can I upload those into Scoutr?

Yes, they can be uploaded into a general Scoutr database, but those profiles are resumes only and will be missing Skills, Team Culture, Work Style, and Reference data.  Those applicants can be stored in your account, and/or they can be invited to apply to your positions via the Scoutr Position URL, which will also allow them to complete their profiles.

What if we reject a Candidate/Applicant?

Simply choose that option, along with a reason (to provide the Candidate/Applicant with some context) and Scoutr will notify them.  We strongly encourage and recommend that you send an email to notify them as well, explaining a reason.  This is critical to improving your Employer Brand.

How do I notify the candidate that I’d like to schedule an interview?  Can we schedule inside of Scoutr app?

When creating your Position page, identify the nature of the interview (Phone, VIrtual, Onsite), and the expected duration of the interview. The system will share that information with the Applicants/Candidates you choose via email, along with proposed interview days/times chosen by the Manager.

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