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Scoutr helps connect the right candidates with the right employers through bias-free matching algorithms, full-picture skill and culture-fit assessments, and more.


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Our deep engagement profiles go beyond the resume and job description,
evaluating candidates and companies on four key categories:
Scoutr measures a candidate's potential for individual positions based on education, certifications, skill sets, industries, tools, and areas of expertise.
Scoutr evaluates both companies and candidates for team culture, balancing mutual expectations for how different team members interact to find the best fit when hiring new candidates.
Scoutr matches candidates to companies based on their natural tendencies and preferences when completing work. This takes a deeper look at what type of individual will succeed in different roles.
Scoutr uses performance reviews in place of references, allowing for a more comprehensive and well-rounded view of a candidate to ensure they are matched with the right teams and in the right positions.

The Complete Picture

Go beyond the standard resume by letting companies know more about you, including your skills, work-style, and ideal team culture. A fast-track to your dream job.


Scoutr matches your skills to the needs of teams that share your values with no application required, increasing the quality of job postings that you apply to.

Interview Preparation

Once matched, companies can invite you to an interview directly inside of Scoutr. We’ll give you access to your match report so you can better understand how you may fit with a position.

An All-in-One Solution

Combine your position discovery, job-posting, sourcing, screening, scheduling, and interview prep into one system.

Culture and Position Discovery

Discover the skills, values, and work style that your team needs to find candidates that aren’t just qualified, but are a long-term fit for your team.

Save Time and Money

Reduce your cost-to-hire by avoiding high recruiting fees, extensive screening times, and candidate churn. Scoutr uses deep machine learning to find the right candidates at the right time.
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Made for you

No matter your career stage, skill level, or interests, Scoutr provides a platform to find a position that you’re not just successful in, but one that you will thoroughly enjoy.

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Scoutr Features

Private Profiles

Unlike most job boards, candidates and companies only see each other when they’ve been matched based on our key category measures. All profiles are kept private and are not publicly searchable.

Bias-Free, Blind Matching

Blind matching takes out the standard resume and application process, providing a bias-free and transparent look at candidates that ensures a higher quality match for both parties.

Skills Correlation

Scoutr enhances candidates visibility to roles they may have not known they were qualified for by finding similar skill sets to those required of individual positions, simultaneously giving companies access to high-potential candidates.