At Scoutr, we give emerging tech, pharma, life-sciences, and finance companies an edge in making quality, high-impact hires. Leveraging a methodology designed by veteran recruiters and organizational psychologists, we combine high-tech algorithms with high-touch discovery sessions to empower your managers with the data they need to make quality hiring decisions with speed and confidence.


What we offer

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Lightning-fast Decisions

By replacing the resume stack with enhanced Candidate Match Reports, Scoutr cuts time-to-hire in half by empowering hiring managers with everything they need to know to make decisions fast!

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Enhanced Employer Brand

We help you discover and highlight your team's unique culture to attract candidates who share your values, motivating them to join your team for the long-haul.

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Better Hires, Guaranteed

We believe in celebrating anniversaries, not start-dates. We're so confident in our methodology that we offer 6-month guarantees on most placements. That's twice the industry standard!

The Full Talent Life-Cycle

Scoutr is the only team who handles both your pre-hire and post-hire needs. Scoutr's automated onboarding, performance evaluation, and engagement surveys will tie your hiring practices to on-the-job outcomes, delivering insights on new employee productivity and retention.


How it works


Talent Access

We make your job opportunity visible to over 600 million jobseekers, then filter and deliver to you only those who qualify based on the skills you need and the culture you offer. This let's you stay focused on your work and engaging promising candidates rather than wasting time on screening resumes.

The Complete Picture

Resumes and job descriptions simply don't tell the full story. We engage deeply by conducting a Culture and Work Style assessment with every team and candidate, and we leverage our Scoutr Matching Algorithm to recommend only the candidates who have the skills, share your values, and come with strong references.

Backed with Science

While most matching algorithms just compare keywords between a job description and resume, Scoutr’s Matching Algorithm and post-hire assessments are informed by dozens of scientific theories of workplace motivation and personality. Our Scoutr Match % and Post-hire Insight Reports consider all of the major predictors of performance and retention, letting us back up our recommendations with data.

Enhanced User Experience

We replace the resume stack with a mobile app that clearly displays data on submitted candidates ranked by their Match %. Our standardized Candidate Match Reports allow for apples-to-apples comparisons between candidates so managers can easily review them, and our mobile-optimized experience allows managers to schedule interviews and send feedback while on-the-go.

Our Track Record

96% of Scoutr placements remain on the job today!

At Scoutr, we are proud of our impeccable record of making quality placements while enhancing the experience for both our candidates and clients.



“Scoutr allows us to look ‘under the hood’ to get a sense of who the candidates really are. Scoutr reports allow the talent team to present candidates to the hiring manager in a cleaner way which fosters expeditious decision making.”
— Erika Edwards, Head of Talent Management
“It’s great to have a central location online with a list of all of the candidates and their information, with a one button click to either set up an interview or to pass them by. No more hunting around for emails or resumes, so it’s a time saver for me. All the information I need is in one place.”
— Jim Flanigan, Operations Director & Scrum Master

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