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  • Scoutr is the new employee benefit of the 21st century company!
  • Scoutr consolidates an organization's HR technology into one unique marketplace. This marketplace is an end-to-end solution that helps organizations and individuals migrate from a job/role-based model to a skills-based model, which focuses on current and future potential of workers.
  • Scoutr helps job-seekers/candidates learn about the world of work, it helps them improve themselves, and it matches them with jobs/roles.

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Scoutr Overview

Perfect on Paper Isn’t Enough. You Deserve Perfect for You.

  • For Clients, Scoutr creates an internal marketplace that optimizes their current workforces. Scoutr also provides access to an external marketplace of candidates should clients decide to hire talent from outside.
  • For Candidates, Scoutr identifies ideal jobs by looking beyond job keywords and resumes. To accomplish this, Scoutr focuses on four key categories.

Education & Skills

Scoutr measures a candidate's potential for success based on education, certifications, skill sets, industries, tools, and areas of expertise.

Team Culture

Scoutr evaluates both companies and candidates for team culture. By aligning mutual expectations, teams and candidates can find their ideal match.

Individual Work Style

Scoutr matches candidates to companies based on their natural tendencies and preferences when working. This takes a deeper look at what type of individual will thrive in different roles.

Performance Review

To match people with the right positions, Scoutr uses performance reviews instead of references. This allow for a more comprehensive and well-rounded view of a candidate.


The Most Powerful Marketplace for Employers, Employees, and Candidates

  • Scoutr runs laps around the tools you’re used to. For clients, your unique marketplace will replace numerous costly, old technology with cutting edge, holistic architecture and processes (e.g., deep engagement, a rigorous algorithm, thorough match reports) to help clients optimize their workforces, hire internally and externally, improve employer brands and improve ROI. 
  • For candidates, Scoutr helps you develop throughout your career and find/get the jobs that are best for you.

Private profiles

Unlike most job boards, candidates and companies only see each other when they’ve been matched based on our key category measures. All profiles are kept private and cannot be publicly searched.

Bias-free, blind matching

Blind matching ensures a higher quality match for both parties. By taking out the standard resume and application process, hiring managers are given a bias-free and transparent look at candidates.

Skills correlation

By matching candidates to roles based on skill sets, rather than job titles, Scoutr levels the playing field. Candidates connect to roles they didn't know they qualified for while companies get access to even more high-potential talent.

Why Scoutr

Using Your Marketplace to Make Teams More Efficient and Productive

Access everything in one place

Combine all of your Talent Management tools into an All In One System.

Use our Skills-Based Approach

Using data visualization and immediate reporting, understand your teams, jobs, and internal/external candidates on a deeper level.

Save time and money

Scoutr speeds up Talent Management processes, enables better decision-making by key stakeholders (including external candidates), and improves ROI.


Decrease in the cost of hiring a new candidate


Reduction in the time spent hiring and getting hired


Retention for internal employees and external candidates hired within the Scoutr Marketplace


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Frequently Asked Questions

Know us before you join us.

How do I create my Employer Marketplace?

You can request a discovery call in which a Scoutr team member can help you with onboarding. You can also go to the Employers section of our website and create your Company, Team, Manager, and Position profile using our intuitive onboarding.

Why use Scoutr instead of applicant tracking systems, job boards, human capital management systems, etc.?

For Employers, Scoutr uses a combination of Team Culture, Work Style, Skills/Abilities, etc. to create more accurate and useful profiles.  Not only do you learn more about your teams and positions, Scoutr allows you to combine discovery, job presentation, screening, and interview logistics into one seamless function, greatly enhancing your employer brand and candidate experience.

Does Scoutr charge Candidates?

No, Candidates can create a free profile, and have access to their profiles to update skills, credentials, references, etc.

Can Scoutr help me find jobs across industries or from the public to private sector (or vice versa)?

Absolutely. First, Scoutr’s algorithm is based on a skills-based view of organizations. Therefore, Scoutr is agnostic with respect to industry and job sector. Second, Scoutr’s External Marketplace includes free access to developmental resources such as soft skills assessment and training, interview simulator and training, etc. These resources help improve your odds of getting the job you desire.

How do I create a Candidate / Job Seeker profile?

Go to the Candidates section and Sign Up. Scoutr’s intuitive intake survey takes a few minutes, and can help you avoid countless job applications.  Also, it’s private and you’ll be matched to the most applicable positions where you can opt in or out.

Can Scoutr help me find a job?

Yes. Scoutr is constantly searching for and matching you to the best available opportunities for you, based on your profile (Team Culture Expectations, Work Style, Soft/Hard Skills, etc.).  These matches are immediately available and shared with applicable Employers and those Employers are notified and encouraged to contact you for an interview.

Can Scoutr improve my chances of getting the job I want?

Yes. Scoutr’s External Marketplace includes free access to developmental resources such as soft skills assessment and training, interview simulator and training, etc. These resources help improve your odds of getting the job you desire. In fact, Scoutr’s Marketplace also provides a list of jobs you have the strongest match with on your profile page. Thus, we can even help you identify jobs you didn’t even know you wanted!

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