About Scoutr

Scoutr was built upon Three Pillars: 

1. User Training:  We reskill and upskill stakeholders for the upcoming transformation that will render them knowledge workers/data analysts. We also educate them and collaborate with them in order to ensure they feel supported as a partner of Scoutr.  Finally, Scoutr gives managers and other decision-makers the data they need to lead their teams and companies to success.

2. Methodology:  We use an Inside-Out methodology that begins by optimizing teams and then moves outwards by offering adaptive development to employees, improving employee brand, and optimizing internal mobility. 

3. Technology:  We are the engine that helps our clients create their unique Marketplace capable of making all this happen. 

why us

We Build Companies' Marketplaces and Help People Find Jobs

  • At Scoutr, we build Marketplaces for Talent Management. If you're an organization, we'll find internal employees and external candidates who are right for your roles and we will provide them with the resources they need to develop a career. If you're looking for a job, we will make sure you find positions that are built with your future in mind.
  • The Scoutr algorithm is designed to be a game-changer for employers and job seekers alike.
  • Say goodbye to the old-fashioned way of using numerous HR technologies to manage talent – you're about to start working with the future of hiring.
our values

See If We Align


We’re on a mission to use technology for the better. By harnessing the power of AI and machine learning, we set out to make life easier for everyone involved in the hiring process.


Everyone should know what kind of job they’re applying to and what kind of talent they’re hiring. This way, no one’s in for an unexpected surprise six months down the road.


It’s not just about having data, it’s about how you use it. We teach organizations how to tap into their data to improve productivity, retention, and efficiently scale their teams.


Whether it’s the future of your organization or your career, everything we do at Scoutr is built with your future in mind. By going several layers deeper to find a great match, we make sure it’ll last for years to come.

our team

Meet the Leadership Team

We’re a team of leaders, thinkers, and provocateurs who want to change the way people hire.

David Nason
Chief Technology Officer

David is the Chief Technology Officer at Scoutr, leading software design and architecture, incorporating technical vision with innovative initiatives.

  • 25+ years as senior technologist / architect, at Google, Amazon, and Microsoft
  • Serial entrepreneur, founder of multiple successful technology startups
  • Research Scientist in Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence, and Robotics at Carnegie Mellon University
  • Masters in Computer Science from Carnegie Mellon University
  • Specialties:
    • Artificial Intelligence – machine learning, neural networks, natural language processing in probability and predictive analytics applications
    • Cybersecurity and DevOps – security best practices and continuous improvement in software development
    • Gamification and use of behavioral nudging principles
    • Proven abilities to build, challenge, and motivate teams to maximize productivity, develop robust, scalable information technology products, and manage software development lifecycles
  • 35 patents issued, additional pending
Brandon Stevens
Founder & CEO

Brandon is the Founder and CEO of Scoutr. He has a long history as an entrepreneur in the Recruiting, Finance and Mortgage Industries.

  • 20+ years of sales, sales management, business development, business analytics and recruiting experience
  • People analytics and human resources solutions
  • Project and product management
  • Solutions architecture
  • Data analytics to improve business performance
  • Team building and management
Michael Campion
Chief Science Officer

Michael is the Chief Science Officer at Scoutr, an accomplished OBHR PhD.

  • Ph.D., Organizational Behavior and Human Resources, University of South Carolina
  • 8+ years as HR consultant
    • Department of State
    • Medtronic
    • FedEx
    • Walgreens
    • Amazon
    • More…
  • Fields of Specialization include:
    • Recruitment
    • Employment Interviewing, Assessment, and Testing
    • Job and Skill Analysis
    • Machine learning and AI
    • Skills and Career Development
    • Strategic HRM
    • Performance Management
    • Employment Law
  • Statistical and data analysis ranging from simple GLM to event history analysis, SEM, MLM, and RCM
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