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There's a lot of pressure around the job search: you feel like you need to have the perfect resume, but don't know where to start. Do you list every job you've ever had? What about gaps in employment? And how do you make sure that you don’t walk into a new office and regret your decision?

Scoutr is here to help.

We've built Scoutr so that hiring managers stop looking at you as a resume, and start seeing you as a human. Get matched to jobs not just based on your skills, but your personality, working style, and career aspirations.

Scoutr also ensures you succeed during the hiring process itself with additional assessments for personal growth and tips and tricks on interview prep.

Time for a career change? Start here.


Let Your Profile Do the Talking

Apply smarter, not harder

With Scoutr, you get matched to jobs based on your profile — automatically. Instead of applying to hundreds of jobs, you only get matched with the ones you have the best chance at.

Succeed during interviews and beyond

Scoutr also ensures you succeed during the hiring process itself with additional assessments for personal growth and tips to nail your interviews.

Take control over your career

Turn your profile on or off with a single click.

People Are Raving About Scoutr

When recruiting works for both sides, the results can be powerful.

"I feel Scoutr shows my true potential with its skills, culture and work-styles sections. I've never seen these effectively used in a job search platform before."


IT Job Seeker

“The whole process seemed very inclusive. Rather than typing out what you did at all of your previous jobs (which can be seen from a resume anyway) Scoutr wants to know how you immerse yourself in company culture and your work habits.”


Finance Job Seeker

“I am personally looking for a collaborative environment, and that is unusually hard to assess from a job description. Getting these kinds of cultural parameters in early has the potential to give both parties a head start in their conversation.”


Cybersecurity Job Seeker

“It’s simple and straightforward, and makes me feel like any ensuing connection would be more meaningful that a callback from a resume dump.”


Recent college grad, Job Seeker

“Scoutr allows you to input what type of workplace you’re looking for and helps you understand how you’ll fit in. I can also keep all of my files in one place.”


Director, Bus.Dev, Job Seeker

Scoutr Features

Put Your Best Foot Forward

Connect with employers and recruiters on one clean, modern, and fully-automated platform that puts you at the center of it all.

One profile, hundreds of jobs

Instead of applying manually to job postings, you create a single private profile that gives a complete picture of you. This increases your exposure and connects you to jobs you’ll love.

Bias-free matching

Our platform matches you to jobs you qualify for based on your competencies, not your previous job titles. That’s why you can get considered for roles you might not normally have applied for.


Have you ever started a new job only to realize you don’t fit in? With Scoutr, that won’t happen. We screen for culture fit so you don’t have to.


Frequently Asked Questions

Know us before you join us.

Why should I list my personal contact information in Scoutr?

In Scoutr, your profile is private, so no other Candidates can see you and you are only visible to matching Employers.

What does Motivation to Market mean?

What is your main objective in a job, company, etc. What are you looking for in a company and position? This shouldn’t be salary, but rather what drives you and will make you fulfilled in a position.

How do I determine my Work Style preferences?

Simply answer each section based on what you know about yourself and your stylistic preferences. There is no right or wrong answer.

Am I visible to other recruiters?

You are visible only to Employers/Companies with accounts in Scoutr, so, only if those recruiters are assigned (internally or externally) by the Employer. We value and protect your privacy, and will not share your information with other Candidates, or anyone else without your permission.

How is Scoutr’s KSA (Knowledge, Skills, Abilities) section different from other resume/profile systems?

Scoutr is MUCH BETTER, not only displaying the skills you’ve listed, but also other correlating and transferable skills to help promote you to additional opportunities you may not have seen. You are much more than your resume, and Scoutr broadens the number of opportunities for you.

How do I determine my Team Culture expectations?

Simply answer each section based on what you’d like to see, considering your preferences. There is no right or wrong answer.

Do I have to list a Reference?

References are not mandatory, but will potentially provide more visibility and a higher score. Manager References provide more score than Peer References. Always notify any listed references….Scoutr automatically sends them a quick survey that takes less than 5 minutes.

How will I know if I’m a top match to a company?

Scoutr is constantly providing top matches to employers in our database, encouraging them to contact you for an interview, and helping them schedule an interview with you.

What else can exist in my profile?

Any credentials. You can upload any PDF to Scoutr (Resume, Degree/Diploma, Licenses, Certificates, Driving Records, Veterans Eligibility Forms, Code Samples, etc.). You can make those Public and visible to Hiring Managers, or Private and only visible to you.

Will Scoutr link to other profile systems?

Not LinkedIn, FaceBook, Indeed, or other databases that are solely based on your resume. Your Scoutr profile is meant to eliminate the need for you to apply to multiple positions, and is private. Scoutr is not a social network, and is designed to promote all of your skills and abilities to the most appropriately matched Employers, based on their Company, Team, Manager, and Position profiles.

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