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Better Data. Better Teams.

For decades companies have relied on an ineffective and inefficient hiring processes driven by job descriptions, resumes, and mass applications. A typical company will spend countless hours, and thousands of dollars on a single hire, lacking the data necessary to hire with confidence.

With Scoutr, we address this problem at its root with clean, meaningful data to empower your hiring team to make intelligent hiring decisions with ease.

Clean Data

Scoutr Candidate and Position profiles standardize data intake, providing our matching algorithms everything it needs to make intelligent recommendations with quantitative data.

Deep Engagement

Growing your team is about more than just experience and skills. Our scientists have developed a 2-part assessment to ensure a candidates fit with you team's culture and a position's work style.

Automated Screening

Our dashboard allows your hiring team to easily screen candidates, giving them a score of 1-100 on how they fit with your position and team, and providing easy access to all additional data on each candidate.

A Perfect Fit for Every Team

Advanced Matching

We eliminate the screening process from your hiring team's workflow. Build your team and positions and let Scoutr do the rest. Your matched candidates will be presented in order on your dashboard to easily move to an interview.

Enhanced Visibility

Our correlational skills matching technology widens your candidate pool, exposing you to potential employees that you would never have seen in existing system. Find employees who bring a refreshing skillset to your team.


It is critical to the Scoutr platform to ensure that every candidate gets equal opportunity for all positions, so we have removed all data with an opportunity for bias from our algorithm to ensure that our matches are fair and accurate.

Increase Retention

Scoutr ensures that your next employee not only has all of the skills to do their job, but is a perfect fit for your team and position. Employees who fit their team and position are more effective, and stay longer than those who don't

Decrease Time-to-Hire

With the Scoutr system, we cut the application, screening, and often the phone interview out of the equation. The Scoutr platform streamlines this into one step. Go from open position to perfect employee in as little as a week.

Decrease Cost-to-hire

Gone are the days of expensive contract recruiters. On the Scoutr platform you get the value of a high performing recruiter, and screening team at the click of a button for less than a month of job board posting.

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