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“It’s great to have a central location online with a list of all of the candidates and their information, with a one button click to either set up an interview or to pass them by. No more hunting around for emails or resumes, so it’s a time saver for me. All the information I need is in one place.”‍

Jim Flanigan
ScrumMaster and Agile Coach – Primal Space Systems

“It’s much more in depth and comprehensive. I feel like it paints a more detailed picture of the candidate.”

Chris Crowley

President, Pathways Personnel

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Frequently Asked Questions

Know us before you join us.

How do I create a Company profile?

You can also go to the Employers section of our website and create your Company, Team, Manager, and Position profile using our intuitive onboarding. You can request a discovery call in which a Scoutr team member can help you with onboarding.

Does Scoutr charge Candidates?

No, Candidates can create a free profile, and have access to their profiles to update skills, credentials, references, etc.

Why use Scoutr instead of an Applicant Tracking System or Job Board?

For Employers, Scoutr uses a combination of Team Culture, Work Style, Skills/Abilities, etc. to create more accurate and useful profiles.  Not only do you learn more about your teams and positions, Scoutr allows you to combine discovery, job presentation, screening, and interview logistics into one seamless function, greatly enhancing your employer brand and candidate experience.

How do I create a Candidate / Job Seeker profile?

Go to the Candidates section and Sign Up. Scoutr’s intuitive intake survey takes a few minutes, and can help you avoid countless job applications.  Also, it’s private and you’ll be matched to the most applicable positions where you can opt in or out.

Can Scoutr help me find a job?

Scoutr is constantly searching for and matching you to the best available opportunities for you, based on your profile (Team Culture Expectations, Work Style, Soft/Hard Skills, etc.).  These matches are immediately available and shared with applicable Employers and those Employers are notified and encouraged to contact you for an interview.

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