The Future of Hiring Is Establishing Relationships With Candidates Today Who May Join Your Business In the Future

January 13, 2022

The Future of Hiring Is Establishing Relationships With Candidates Today Who May Join Your Business In the Future

"There’s not enough talent out there!” We all hear this constantly. Sure, in super niche (outlier) roles there is definitely a supply issue, but that’s a small percentage of the market. For basically every other open position, there are plenty of talented people who could do that job. The following will help you to find the talent you are looking for...

Set Your Expectations Correctly

  • Be Realistic - Many managers expect a “rockstar” to walk in the door and start breaking records in week one.
  • Know That Resumes Don't Tell the Whole Story - Viewing each candidate based on the resume alone is highly problematic. What did you think, they were going to detail their weaknesses or state that they were just ok at one skill or another? Of course not... Human nature is to flex and appear appealing at the highest level. We see this everywhere!
  • How You Interact With Candidates Matters - Do candidates understand the employer brand and how should you appeal to active or passive candidates?  

Learning To See Potential

Many companies are having a hard actually “seeing” talent. When selecting staff, many companies rely on soft (human) skills than any hard skills, knowing employees will learn the hard skills on the job. But to see a candidates potential you need to understand the screening process better and know the right questions to ask. Unfortunately, job posts and resumes don’t give you insight into a candidates potential.

Hiring Is As Much About You As It Is Them

Start by learning about your processes and company culture and goals to best determine what kind of candidate would be most successful in the job. Set the marks (KPIs or OKRs), expectations, and measure along the way. Have a process and be open to continuous improvement. This is definitely a cycle and the focus should be on your employer brand. This will dramatically impact your ability to recruit, get referrals, and build high performing teams. Oh, and yes, you will make mistakes along the way. That’s ok, move on, learn, and improve!  

A Lack of Data Is the Root Cause Of Hiring Problems

There is a lack of data in hiring, so the burden is on you to clean it all up and make a decision. Resumes and Job Descriptions are self-input data to tell each other how great you both are. Unfortunately, there’s nothing in those documents that outline team culture and work styles. To be more specific...

  • How does your team work together and what are your expectations of each other?
  • What are the natural tendencies (work styles) that are needed in that particular position?
  • How do we measure those things in a reliable way?

Most Hiring Solutions Still Put Too Much Worth on Resumes and Job Descriptions

The industry is full of assessments, applicant tracking systems, HR onboarding systems, sourcing and recruiting tools and they all have one thing in common, they still use the resume and job description as a starting point. No wonder companies are frustrated when trying to hire staff using these old outdated tools!

The Future Is Applying To Candidates Not The Other Way Around

Company to succeed in hiring the right people will essentially establish relationships with future hires the same way a company establishes relationships with potential customers. It makes perfect sense, you’re basically always hiring and establishing those connections. It’s no longer a one way street, it’s now binary. If you want to compete in this new world, learn this and do it quickly, don’t be reactive and desperate! Focus on the experience that your candidates and managers will have with full transparency!

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