The Battle Is With Yourself

January 6, 2022

                                                                        The Battle Is With Yourself

You can never control other people, but you can control your thoughts and actions so take pride in your day to day tasks, master your craft, take risks from time to time and be great!  

We see it on motivational posters all the time…”Make sure your worst enemy doesn’t live between your own two ears”. I often think of myself as optimistic, but I also know I have this internal pessimist (that asshole that won’t stop talking in my head) that keeps me wondering. What I’ve come to realize is this isn’t some static position, but a process that is constantly in flux. In the startup world you hear the term Imposter Syndrome, and it’s a real thing. This stuff is hard, and it’s natural to think sometimes that you’re not worthy but you’re wrong!  

Your thoughts and actions
Embrace the change and stop putting yourself down. Things are constantly changing, and we need to learn to adapt in this world.  It’s ok to have a comfort zone, but you have to react in a positive manner to change and be ok stepping out of that comfort zone.   Take pride in what you do from day to day and treat everyday like EVERYONE is watching you.

Have a commitment to mastering your craft

Hey, it may not be the “perfect” thing you want to do, but it’s what you’re doing NOW and it may lead to a great opportunity at some point. There is no substitute for doing it the right way, meaning a commitment to working hard and giving it your best.  

Be careful not to project negativity

Focus on changing negative emotions into a positive way of life and make it a daily exercise to get rid of those negative thoughts. Surround yourself with positive people who care, but remember you do not need confirmation from others. Trust yourself first and do not depend on others for constant advice and encouragement. We are definitely products of our environments, but this can be changed quickly! Caring too much about the opinions of others, more than your own, will crush your productivity and happiness. There is a balance and it’s up to you to find that balance.  

Just doing enough, or “playing it safe” is a bad idea

This goes back to effort and taking pride in your work, no matter what that may be. That security may seem great at first, but it could also turn into regret. Push to fulfill your potential, and don’t look back or care what others may think. Don’t wait to solve that problem that’s been bugging you! Find inspiration to take that leap and enjoy the journey. The journey is the fun part, but it will not wait for you, so don’t let it pass you by.

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