Succeeding with Talent Intelligence in 2022 and Beyond

November 15, 2022

Succeeding with Talent Intelligence in 2022 and Beyond

Talent intelligence enables organizations to collect and process data of current and past employees, prospective candidates and competitors. Organizations then can build a realistic picture of the job market, identify trends, create an optimal employee experience and hire the best talent.

Talent intelligence is particularly helpful in talent acquisition and talent management, helping organizations reduce candidate acquisition cost and time-to-hire, promote internal mobility and retain employees.

Here's how to Leverage Talent Intelligence for Optimal Results

Talent Mapping - Talent mapping orients the talent acquisition strategy based on the organization’s long-term objectives. This includes defining new roles, updating existing jobs and planning career paths for internal mobility.
▪ Identify successful employees’ skills, experience, education and behavioral traits and build ideal candidate profiles.
▪ Analyze hiring activities and candidate pool of competitors.
▪ Build a talent pipeline of passive candidates that match the candidate profiles.

Meet DEI Objectives - The first step is to understand the current state of the organization. The next step is to use talent intelligence during hiring.

Reduce Employee Turnover - Employee turnover causes the organization to lose out on its top talent plus replacing the talent is expensive and time consuming.

Promote Internal Mobility - With candidate profiles in place, organizations know the skills and mindset required to succeed in a role. Talent intelligence presents organizations with their employees’ skills, strengths and weaknesses. By mapping the skills and strengths to the right job, organizations can offer better opportunities to their employees to move up or laterally in the organization.

Scoutr helps connect the right candidates with the right employers using ethical and trustworthy AI, with bias-free algorithms, incorporating people analytics - predictive analytics and probability matching - with natural language processing to provide complete-picture skill, work-style. and culture-fit assessments.
▪ From the employer's perspective, Scoutr is where high-tech meets high-touch — a talent ranking and presentation tool designed to match the perfect candidates to your team. Talent acquisition AND talent retention.
▪ From the candidate's perspective, Scoutr matches you directly with positions that fit your skills, experience, work and culture styles, ensuring you find a job with a team that feels right. Career growth.


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