Scoutr Officially Released From BETA!

Scoutr, a new tech company formed in Raleigh, announced today the launch of their new platform for recruiters and hiring managers to help improve relationships and shorten the time to hire. The vision and methodology for the product were created by seasoned recruiters and scientists to address the time to hire and relationships that form during that process.

Scoutr uses its own carefully created algorithms to help hiring managers look beyond the resume by showing what all the best recruiters in the industry do for their hiring managers by tieing candidate’s skills, performance, personality and desired work culture in user-friendly reports that is accessible via desktop or any mobile device.

“We set out to address systemic issues with talent acquisition and retention and wanted a platform that recruiters and hiring managers could use”, says Brandon Stevens, CEO/Co-Founder of Scoutr. “We felt strongly about a new methodology and standard of engagement with companies and candidates.  Scoutr is a result of this need, along with a lot of research and testing. Our team is proud of the software and what it represents.”

The product has already had a successful beta run with local companies and recruiting firms showing the flexibility Scoutr has to operate in an agency and in-house hiring departments.

“It’s great to have a central location online with a list of all of the candidates and their information,” says Jim Flanigan, Operations Director at Primal Space Systems. “With a one button click to either set up an interview or to pass them by. No more hunting around for emails or resumes, so it’s a time saver for me. All the information I need is in one place.”

You can schedule a demo via the website to learn more about how the platform generates these reports and many other features. The team will also be on hand at Sourcecon Atlanta 2018 from September 24th - 26th and the Westin Peachtree Plaza.

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