Scoutr Announces Strategic Partnership With ZeroedIn

November 16, 2020

Brandon Stevens

(919) 523-2811


Scoutr announces strategic partnership with ZeroedIn
A move to empower U.S. Military veterans to find meaningful work post-service.

Raleigh, NC— Scoutr, the world's first full talent lifecycle solution, today announced a partnership with Veterans’ hiring platform ZeroedIN to expand its reach to U.S. Military service members entering civilian life.

Through this strategic partnership, Scoutr and ZeroedIN give Veterans access to an extensive network of employers looking to hire for specific technical and non-technical skill sets. Scoutr’s Natural Language Processing technology is especially impactful for the Veteran market to go beyond standard resumes and uncover niche skill sets that service members possess from their time in the military and beyond. 

"Finally a platform that will host the largest group of veterans in North Carolina. We’re excited to partner with Scoutr to bring one of a kind matching technology to the Veteran’s job-search experience. This is what hiring right the first time looks like." Adam Price, Co-Founder of ZeroedIN

Veteran candidates will be able to access the ZeroedIN platform for free by filling out a quick profile as well as answer a few targeted questions to measure their skillset, experience, and personality. Using this information, Scoutr’s technology will match candidates to positions and teams in their area.

“With Veterans that are transitioning from military to civilian work, it's often difficult to show skills’ correlations and transferability. Now, with Scoutr’s technology, we can not only show how those skills transfer, but how those Veterans will fit in with your team. This is a huge leap forward to helping transitioning Veterans find meaningful work!”. - Brandon, Founder & CEO of Scoutr

About Scoutr

Scoutr is an intuitive talent management platform that uses Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing to power innovative algorithms that match and introduce great talent to growing teams. Using People Analytics, Scoutr matches candidates with potential employers based upon a mutual skillset and culture fit. 

To learn more about Scoutr, please visit:

About ZeroedIN

ZeroedIN is a tool to match qualified Veterans to local jobs. Started as a solution to the 80% of Veterans who exit the military without any post-service career plans, ZeroedIN matches Veterans with jobs that match their skills, goals, and preferred culture and location to bridge the gap between military and civilian life.

To learn more about ZeroedIN, please visit:

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