Scoutr Announces Strategic Partnership with NC State E-Clinic

November 23, 2020

Brandon Stevens

(919) 523-2811


Scoutr announces strategic partnership with NC State E-Clinic
Pairing NC State Entrepreneurship students with meaningful careers in the local community.

Raleigh, NC— Scoutr, a dynamic candidate first platform that matches job-seekers with value-driven teams, today announced a partnership with the NC State Entrepreneurship E-clinic to integrate its Natural Language Processing system with the student job and internship search experience, matching Entrepreneurial business students with opportunities in the local area.

Through this strategic partnership, Scoutr and the E-clinic will uncover specific skill sets, experiences, and traits of current students and alumni to pair with like-minded growing businesses in the Raleigh-Durham business scene, including opportunities ranging from marketing and design and development to operations and sales roles.

By curating an application-free approach, students on the Scoutr-powered platform will no longer have to spend their study time applying for roles they may not be qualified for, and employers will have a transparent view of who a student really is, beyond the limitations of a standard resume.

“For too long, college graduates have been at the mercy of job boards and countless applications.  In partnership with the NC State E-Clinic, Scoutr will provide a completely different experience for graduates and the companies that hire them. Using Scoutr's NLP and matching technology, companies will get a look into the potential of these graduates and how they'll match to teams and managers. This new platform combines posts, screening/matching, interview scheduling, and interview preparation using Scoutr's technology and will broadly expand a college graduate's visibility and access to the marketplace.  We're excited to partner with students and companies right here in our backyard as we work to open new graduates up to meaningful work!”. - Brandon, Founder & CEO - Scoutr

“We are excited to collaborate with a homegrown company on the path to provide the best career options for our NC State Entrepreneurship Clinic students. The innovative approach Scoutr is taking is promising and we believe it is the right fit for programs looking to place students in high-growth ventures." Lewis Sheats, Executive Director - NC State E-Clinic

About Scoutr

Scoutr is an intuitive talent management platform that uses Machine Learning to power innovative algorithms that match and introduce great talent to growing teams. Using People Analytics, Scoutr pairs candidates with potential employers based on skills and team culture fit, not just experience.

To learn more about Scoutr, please visit:

About NC State E-Clinic

The NC State Entrepreneurship Clinic integrates research, teaching, and real-world experience to empower NC State faculty, students, entrepreneurs, and service providers to build the next generation of businesses in Raleigh. Companies large and small can apply to request help from the NC State E-clinic, giving student teams the hands-on experience to create strategic action plans that solve a variety of business needs. By creating a generation of NC State graduates with extensive real-world experience and skill development, the E-clinic produces top-quality entrepreneurs, team members, and employees for entrepreneurial-minded companies.

To learn more about the NC State E-Clinic, please visit:

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