About Scoutr

Scoutr was born from a simple concept– Companies and Candidates deserve better.


Scoutr represents a methodology shift from outdated application, resume, and recruiter driven hiring processes to a dynamic matching algorithm that introduces a people analytics to the beginning of the application process. We provide a drastically improved candidate experience that empowers you to show the complete picture of yourself as a candidate. We give companies the data they need to make confident hiring decisions quickly while avoiding the wasted time, excess cost, and damage to employer branding that comes with traditional hiring methods.

Candidate Experience

Private, in-depth profiles are auto scored to every open position, without ever clicking another apply button.

Advanced Algorithms

Combine the sourcing, application, and screening process into one process, empowering you to hire with confidence.

Employer Branding

Your applicants and existing teams deserve a better process. With Scoutr,  avoid the inherent negativity that comes from job applications.

Why Scoutr?

Nobody knows your company like you and your current team, so why trust anyone else to recruit for you?  Let Scoutr give you the technology and expertise to amplify your employer brand and grow with an amazing team that drives brand positivity, fulfills your mission, and embraces your culture.  An empowered team will bring in more customers and make your company more attractive to talent.  This is the Future of Team and Work! 

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Meet the leadership team!

A combination of experience, determination, and ambition drives the Scoutr team to reinvent hiring as we know it.
Brandon Stevens
Founder and CEO

Brandon is the Founder and CEO of Scoutr. He has a long history as an entrepreneur in the Recruiting, Finance and Mortgage Industries.

Michael Campion
Chief Science Officer

Michael is the Chief Science Officer at Scoutr, an accomplished OBHR PhD, and a Professor of Business Administration.

Tristin Sweeney
Director of Operations

Tristin is Scoutr's Director of Operations. He is a passionate entrepreneur with experience in startup operations and strategy.

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