Welcome to a new era of hiring. Let Scoutr support you through the full talent-lifecycle with an enhanced hiring experience for your hiring managers and candidates.




Culture and Position Discovery

You are more than a job description. We will engage with you to learn about the skills your team needs, the values you live by, and your unique style for getting things done.


Employer Branding Augmentation

In a full-employment economy, talented workers have earned the right to demand more from employers before joining a team. We will highlight what makes opportunities on your team exciting and unique to attract that talent that will thrive for the long haul.


Candidate Sourcing

We know where talent lives. We will leverage our access to over 600 million candidates to find you the best and brightest wherever they are, and with our strong reputation of transparency and respectful treatment, we have a proven track-record of successfully engaging with those who give other firms a pass.

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Candidate Ranking

While most algorithms simply run keyword searches between job descriptions and resumes, we employed organizational psychologists and data-scientists to create a ranking system that considers the complete picture. Our Scoutr Matching Algorithm compares candidate skills against job requirements, personality and culture fit, and performance review data from past references. The result is a data-driven Match % representing a wholistic fit between the candidate and the opportunity on your team.

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Candidate Match Reports

Never sort through a resume stack again. Scoutr replaces resumes with standardized Candidate Match Reports. Each report breaks down what goes into a candidate’s Match %, displaying a Skill-Coverage Visualization, Culture and Work Style Fit Analysis, and summary of a candidate’s past performance reviews. The reports allow for fair, fast, apples-to-apples comparisons between candidate so your hiring managers can make decisions with speed and confidence.



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Onboarding Surveys

Scoutr’s automated onboarding surveys engage hiring managers and candidates at 30, 60, and 90 days post-hire to quickly pulse how well the placement is working out. These surveys help identify strengths and weaknesses of your hiring and onboarding processes and let you get ahead of any early warning signs of a mishire.

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Performance Reviews

Scoutr’s automated Performance Reviews take a pulse each quarter of how well hires are performing on five standard dimensions. These insights help set the stage for constructive feedback and development conversations for employees in your organization.

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Engagement Surveys

Never learn about a pain point in your organization in an exit interview. Scoutr’s Engagement Surveys were designed by considering dozens of scientific theories on workplace motivation and retention. They gather employees’ perspectives on top drivers of engagement and these insights can help leader’s leverage insights to maximize retention of top talent.