About Scoutr

Scoutr was born from a single ideal: that clients and candidates deserved better.

A Recruiter, an IT guy, and a Scientist cross paths....

As a recruiter, Brandon Stevens was never satisfied with the shallow information of a job description or resume. He never lost sight of the fact that behind every description was a team and behind every resume was a person, and he engaged deeply with every client and candidate to get the full picture. Brandon had a vision of a game-changing platform that would empower other recruiters with his process that proved time and again to outperform the competition and lead to matches that would last.

Brandon knew he’d need a savvy team to bring Scoutr to life. Brandon founded Alliance Source Group, a boutique recruiting firm that provided a testing ground. They brought in Dr. Michael Campion and other Scientists to build the science into the platform, and together they designed the features and interface. Scoutr quickly placed candidates, impressed hiring managers, and attracted the interest of bright minds from sales, marketing, and finance. With a powerhouse team in place, it became time to bring Scoutr to companies around the world as a supported software platform.
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Our Team

A combination of experience, determination, youth and ambition is what makes Scoutr tick.

Brandon Stevens

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Michael Campion

Chief Science Officer
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Tristin Sweeney

Director of Client Success
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