Why Scoutr?

For decades employers and job seekers have seen themselves only through the lens of job descriptions and resumes.  This is inefficient and ineffective, creating a climate of displeasure for the hiring process. Furthermore, most interview interactions are done without enough engagement to determine soft skill fits for teams and managers.  Team Culture and Unique Work Styles are important for both the company and the individual.  The lack of this engagement and the lack of data has created long hiring times, less productivity and higher turnover.  

BY the numbers
70% of employees have indicated that they are not fully engaged in their work.  Over 50% of employees have indicated that they are looking for a new opportunity in the next 12 months.  Over 33% have indicated that they’re looking to change careers within the next 12 months.  $1.6 Trillion in student loan debt with many graduates taking a job with no correlation to their degree.

Scoutr is on a mission to change this...

Our purpose is to create the world’s first Full Talent Lifecycle solution that matches great talent to growing teams.  We start by arming students with the soft skills they need to succeed in life, match them to job opportunities and then following them as candidates through their careers by facilitating candid conversations with managers at regular intervals.  

OUr Stakeholders

For Employers, Scoutr starts with Culture and Position Discovery, augmenting employer branding and redefining what positions look like to end the inefficiencies of traditional job postings and ineffective screening.  

For Jobseekers, learn more about yourself and where the best matching opportunities are.  Scoutr will dramatically enhance your visibility to the right positions and increase your engagement with those hiring managers.  

Better Data. Stronger Teams.
Scoutr is ushering in a new era of People Analytics and Human Capital Management.  There is a convergence of workplace trends that makes Scoutr ideal for growing businesses, and/or companies that want to maintain a productive team.  Scoutr is the system that dynamically scores and matches candidates to new opportunities, facilitates those introductions, expediting interviews and hiring.  The system then transitions that candidate to employee, assists with 30-60-90 Day “Smart Start” Onboarding, evolving to quarterly Manager/Employee engagement.  This data will constantly cleanse the process of pre-hire and post-hire engagement, correlating skills and skills gaps, while increasing productivity and retention.  

No more ineffective job posting, countless resume reviews, and wondering if you “got it right”!

Brandon Stevens
founder of Scoutr