Soft Skills Awareness Assessment

Scoutr's Soft Skills Awareness Assessment is a lightning-fast way to gain insight into your levels of six soft-skill dimensions.

It's one thing to be a great coder, salesperson, or designer, but can you focus in high-paced environments or bounce back quickly from setbacks? More and more employers are seeking employees with strong "soft skills" in addition to technical skills.

Brandon Stevens
founder of Scoutr
6 key soft skills
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Easy to Complete

The survey takes just 5-minutes and can be completed from your mobile device.

Actionable Results

You'll receive a resource packet containing dozens of exercises you can use to develop your skills.

Based on Neuroscience

Cutting-edge scientists have shown practicing these exercises rewires the brain for higher functioning!

For Your Eyes Only

Treat yourself to a professional development experience.We won't share your results with anyone else.

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