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Beyond resumes, show off your skills and describe your ideal work-style and team culture.

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Scoutr's algorithm will match your skills to the needs of teams that share your values.

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Complete assessments that are just for you and receive professional development resources.

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Escape recruiter spam! Set Match % thresholds that employers must meet to contact you!

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"It really fast-tracked the job search and created a win-win for both me and the employer. It’s a great tool for everyone on all sides of the job search."
"The Scoutr team was different. They seemed genuinely interested in finding the right fit between candidate and company. I appreciated the exceptional communication and quick results."
KatherinE MEEKS - Envestnet
I would absolutely recommend Scoutr to anyone who is looking for a job... I couldn’t have been happier with the process or response time. I am truly grateful.
Emilio Vilchez - Lenovo