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The Full Talent Lifecycle
Solution For Hiring Teams

Pre-Hire Solutions

Culture & Position

Discover the skills your team needs, values you live by, and your unique style for getting things done.

Employer Branding

Get open positions in front of qualified candidates looking for a culture like yours.

Candidate Ranking

Our science-based algorithm considers skill and culture fit in recommending whom to interview.

Candidate Match

Fair, fast, apples-to-apples comparisons between candidates allow managers to make decisions with speed and confidence.

Scoutr allows us to look ‘under the hood’ to get a sense of who the candidates really are. Scoutr reports allow the talent team to present candidates to the hiring manager in a cleaner way which fosters expeditious decision making.
Erika Edwards - Spencer Health Solutions
Scoutr saved us thousands of hours and prevented us from making bad hires. With Scoutr we’ve been able to scale to over 500 employees in just a couple of years.
Chad Price - Mako Medical
It’s great to have a central location online with a list of all of the candidates and their information, with a one button click to either set up an interview or to pass them by. No more hunting around for emails or resumes, so it’s a time saver for me. All the information I need is in one place.
Jim Flanigan - Primal Space Systems
Post-Hire Solutions

Client Tailored

Each Powered by Scoutr Project takes the technology behind our platform and adjusts it for your firms specific needs.

White Labeled Platform

Consitent brand and styling throughout the application process. The brand you show is the brand they see interacting with the platform.

Scoutr Science

Use Scoutr's proprietary algorithms and advanced matching systems to assure your teams are getting the best candidate every time.

Support and Administration

Scoutr is here to help every step of the way. From setup to training to support, we have you covered.

Powered by Scoutr

A White-Labeled solution to make better hires and keep better employees.

Your Organization can have the power of Scoutr’s algorithms and data reporting behind your brand. Whether you need customized pre-hire and post-hire assessments, an e-commerce storefront to help recruit in a certain industry, or a custom branded post-hire system for onboarding and employee engagement, Scoutr can give you the data on your employees and applicants to make you scale with a thriving team. As an employer, use the years of research and development to help propel your team and brand to the next level!

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