Scoutr is a tool that empowers hiring managers by using data to rank and present candidates for fast, easy decision making using an intuitive interface. Our platform uses high-tech, high-touch algorithms to rank candidate’s skills, performance, personality and desired work culture. Scoutr was designed by veteran recruiters and scientists to give you the edge by cutting down on the time between finding a candidate and making a decision. 


Why Scoutr?


The Scoutr Matching Algorithm goes far beyond any on the market in suggesting whom to advance in your hiring process. While most matching algorithms just compare keywords between a job description and resume, Scoutr’s algorithm draws across dozens of scientific theories of workplace motivation and personality. It compares a candidate’s abilities to the position requirements, includes past performance reviews, and leverages responses to a survey designed to assess candidate personality and team culture. The Scoutr Match % provides a holistic ranking of which candidates are most likely to thrive in the role and stay engaged with the team for years to come.

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Time To Hire

Make quicker decisions on interviews with better, higher-quality data

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Instant Notifications

Receive real-time updates to applications and responses.

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User Friendly Reports

Elegant profiles that give decision makers what they need

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Proprietary algorithms that scientifically match the team and the candidate

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Access Anywhere

Mobile friendly interface that responds across all mobile platforms

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Better Hires 

Maximize productivity and employee retention with deeper engagement



“Scoutr allows us to look ‘under the hood’ to get a sense of who the candidates really are. Scoutr reports allow the talent team to present candidates to the hiring manager in a cleaner way which fosters expeditious decision making.”
— Erika Edwards, Director of Team Development
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“It’s great to have a central location online with a list of all of the candidates and their information, with a one button click to either set up an interview or to pass them by. No more hunting around for emails or resumes, so it’s a time saver for me. All the information I need is in one place.”
— Jim Flanigan, Operations Director & Scrum Master

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