A recruiter, an IT guy, and a scientist walk into a bar… 

Scoutr was born from a single ideal: that clients and candidates deserved better. As a recruiter, Brandon Stevens was never satisfied with the shallow information of a job description or resume. He never lost sight of the fact that behind every description was a team and behind every resume was a person, and he engaged deeply with every client and candidate to get the full picture. Brandon had a vision of a game-changing platform that would empower other recruiters with his process that proved time and again to outperform the competition and lead to matches that would last.


Our Journey


Brandon knew he’d need a savvy team to bring Scoutr to life. Together with Guri Burmi, Brandon founded Alliance Source Group, a boutique recruiting firm that provided a testing ground. They brought in Dr. Gabe Pappalardo to build the science into the platform, and together they designed the features and interface while always keeping recruiters in mind. Scoutr quickly placed candidates, impressed hiring managers, and attracted the interest of bright minds from sales, marketing, and finance. With a powerhouse team in place, it became time to bring Scoutr to recruiters around the world.


Meet the Team


Brandon Stevens

Founder & CEO

Brandon is a veteran recruiter with over 15 years of experience building and leading businesses. Through thousands of candidate interviews and years of helping teams grow, Brandon knows personally the challenges recruiters face and the pain points felt by hiring managers and candidates. He now lends his insider knowledge and passion for process improvement, analytics, and creating solutions to complex problems in leading the Scoutr team.


Guri Burmi

Founder & President

Guri brings technical expertise and steady leadership to the team at Scoutr. With over 24 years of IT experience ranging from educational startups to manufacturing, corporate, and software enterprises, Guri brings his passion for innovation, building teams, and implementing complex solutions to technologically support the Scoutr team, attract investment, and ensure a great experience for Scoutr’s users.


Gabe Pappalardo, PhD

Founder & VP, Innovation

Dr. Gabe brings the science and design to Scoutr. Leveraging expertise in I/O Psychology, Psychometrics, and Behavioral Economics as well as a passion for Human-Centered Design, Gabe combined leaders’ vision for a candidate ranking system with user feedback to develop Scoutr’s features, matching algorithm, and interface. Gabe has spent nearly a decade providing organizational consulting, developed several workplace psychometric assessments, and has been published in top-tier scientific journals.


Board of Advisors


Chris Kennedy, PhD, MBA, CFA

Chris brings quantitative finance and business advisory experience to Scoutr. With broad exposure to valuation, financial modeling, and investments, Chris provides guidance on technical finance and modeling with a special interest in maximizing the value of Scoutr for both founders and investors. He is connected to a broad base of professionals and entrepreneurs through his work as a coordinating faculty member at UNC Kenan-Flagler Business School.


Keno Vigil

Keno is an accomplished and tenacious product development, leader, and author. He has over 15 years experience creating and executing strategies to promote organizational growth and adoption of emerging technologies in companies ranging from start-ups to national brands primarily in the healthcare/pharma industry. His contributions include optimizing business operations, elevating productivity, building great products and teams, and having fun, resulting in increased revenues and happy stakeholders. 


Michael C. Campion, PhD

Michael helps to support the scientific foundation of Scoutr. In addition to having a decade of work experience as a recruiter and three years as a consultant in the staffing space, he has published numerous papers in top tier scientific journals in I/O psychology and management on topics related to recruiters, recruitment, personnel selection, employment law, and the use of Big Data and text analytics to improve staffing outcomes. Presently, Michael works as a consultant for Campion Services, Inc. and as an assistant professor at Vackar College of Business and Entrepreneurship at The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley.